I recently moved and I received a letter in the mail acting like an urgent notice. My name is spelt wrong to start with. The notice is saying that due to my vehicles age or estimated driving habits, i may no longer be covered by the original factory warranty. It states my vehicle as a 2010 Honda Accord. So second thing is I have never owned a Honda and my vehicle never had a factory warranty. All of these things were red flags to me. The letter does not state a company name, email, or web address and only gives a phone number to confirm your vehicles eligibility for their program. The notice says you have 5 days to respond. I would say this is either a phishing scam or selling a fake product, either way someone could easily be convinced to call that number and give away information. After seeing the red warning for their company on BBB, I knew i was on the right track. I’ve included a picture of the letter below