Paid $39 for a Full HVAC System Air-Duct Cleaning with Dryer-Vent Cleaning or A/C Unit Check-Up, and 20-Point Furnace Inspection Sold by US Air Solutions via Amazon Local. Called 800-437-1434 and emailed [email protected] to make and confirm appointment. Voucher was suppose to include: cleaning of 1 supply duct system (main lines, furnace/blower-motor cleaning, and sanitizing), unlimited supply vents, 1 return vent and duct system, main supply trunks, 1 furnace inspection and filter cleaning if needed, plus choose between 1 dryer-vent cleaning or 1 A/C unit check-up When the service technition came to the house he asked for my voucher and asked for me to show him where all the vents and main unit where located. He pulled off several vent covers to look at how dirty they were and then went to his truck to wrtie up the job. When he returned he told me it would cost me an additional $300 to clean my entire system because the voucher covered the ‘supply’ vents but not the ‘return’ vents. I told him the voucher was for the Full HVAC system including 1 return vent. He then told me that the return vent was included but the return ‘chamber’ that the vent connected to was not included. He also told me that I needed to have the system ‘sanatized’ by spraying some type of ‘mist’ into the system while it is running which was a $150 service fee. I told him I only wanted him to clean the components that were covered by the voucher and that I would not be willing to pay any additional costs under any circumstances. He them told me he did not feel comfortable not providing a ‘full service’ for $300 because he claims it would stir up the dust and debris and make things worse than they were now. I asked him why he would not honor the voucher and he then told me his ‘boss’ would not let him do the job unless it was done correctly for $300. At this point I realized he could care less about cleaning my system and just wanted me to pay him the $300 so he could rip me off and he on his way so I told him to leave and that I planned to request a full refund. As he left he tried to explain why he was not going to honor the voucher some more but at tha point I would not have wanted him to clean my system even if he offered to do it for free. He just came in a truck with no large equipment or any brushes large enough to clean the large return vents which were about 1.5 feet in diameter. His only object was to rip me off and I am glad I did not pay him a single penny. BE WARNED!

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