I am a disabled Veteran an I am tryin to consolidate my debt and pay my monthly bills an I just can’t seem to get out of this ever deepening hole of more bill an more debit so I began applying for loans and programs for debt consolidation and finally after what felt like weeks of wading thru neverending NO’S, YOUR CREDIT SCORE IS TOO LOW, IM SORRY YOU WERE NOT APPROVED…. I get A random phone call this morning from a company claiming to be US CREDIT LOAN sayin my application was approved for $2500… They asked all the same questions as the other companies the only additional info they asked for was for a manager to approve the application. They gave me a confirmation number said my interest rate would b 7.5 percent annum and my payments would be $155 for 18 months… Amazingly I could do that and it would allow me to get out from under some of this crippling debit… So like an idiot I gave my info for direct deposit. Next thing I know they’re calling me back saying that my credit score was reran and it had dropped and that inorder to get the loan I would have to buy insurance against the loan one time deposit of $150 that would be refunded to me along with the $2500 loan. This insurance would the cover me in the off chance anythin happen to prevent me from repayin the loan.. and even still that seemed reasonable and then they said that the I Durance policy on the loan would automatically raise my credit score 75 points, but I would have to go to a Walgreens or a dollar general and to call them back once i got to the parking lot of the Walgreens or dollar general… So finally I could no longer ignore the warning bells goin off that something jus did not add up if everything was online why can’t I purchase the policy the same way or jus use my credit or debit card to purchase it over the phone And forget the hastle, as I mentioned being disabled and In Financial crisis I do not have a vehicle and can’t walk far enough or long enough to get across town to the Walgreens an dollar general…So I pushed away the overwhelming urge to sit an cry N began lookin online for this company called, other loan companies based out of the same city and state n not only were they not known but those companies said what they were doing was not normal policy for their companies… But now my banking information is out there, I’m crushed, humiliated at my own gullibility and natievity, and stuck in what feels like a hopeless, neverending, black abyss of overwhelming pile of bills, collections, low credit, and debt… The worst part is that they offered jus enough hope to lighten to load just enough to feel as if everything was going to finally be ok and then Bam!!! Out of no where it was snatched back wit an added layer of despair…( what did I just do or even almost do both now n in the long term because I have become so panicked an desperate past this financial situations).