Complaint: INCEPTION: AFFIRMATION: X-RAY MONITORING MURDERSUnited States Truck Drivers Taking Secret X-Ray of all Drivers on US Roads & HighwaysAugust 2011 RTO Reno Tahoe OpenReno/Sparks, NVI purchased Big Bird Bright Yellow Porsche Boxter from a small independent dealer. So small, they did not offer temporary paper license plates. Just, the pink temporary windshield tag for the inside right corner of windshield. Which is legal in all states, yet only accepted in most. Texas border to Oklahoma border Interstate 40, I was pulled over 19 times in 7+ hours. The welcome center staff for Oklahoma suggested I fit the profile. When asked, I was told DRUG RUNNER PROFILE. Of which I laughed at whole heartedly. I am a well-endowed, attractive, Caucasian, American, Female flying down I40 on a Sunday. I had had just 4 hours of sleep prior to the harassment of state troopers in 24 hours. I was exhausted by the time I arrived at the Oklahoma Welcome Center

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

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