Complaint: I currently still work for this company and when I started in 2011 it was pretty good company to be with got the miles and had good dispatcher. I would get few good runs going out west and head back east but I stayed with them for 6months and realize I wanted to go home and try local company out because I couldnt get enough hometime I had a load from campbell soup in paris texas to pick up and head to mississippi walmart dc in brookhaven. I figured well ill shut down in my hometown off I 30 in texas well just so happen my truck had a mechanical problem and leaked coolant obto the ground the minute I shut the truck off and my new dispatcher called and ask if this was done on purpose cause I was wabting to go home for hometime and they wouldnt let me so they figured I pulled this stunt. Use to get anywhere from 2600 to 2900 miles wkly now I get 1800 to maybe just maybe 2300 if im lucky. Company has become a pain in my a*s. I also broke down in orange texas off I 10 headed to baton rouge they blamed me for rear end going out on truck not only that my truck was in shop for repairs for rear end, they told me they would send me home till it was fix so I can keep that particular truck no problem with me …….well my truck was broken into and somebody stole my 7in rand mcnally gps, dvd player, and suitcase, 45bucks in silver and case of sodas 600bucks est. Usa tells me they will help me and they asked for the list and I gave to them they said we not suppose to guve you nothing but we give you 200bucks I said atleast cover my gps. Well they didnt so I took the 200bucks and to find out they gave me 200 cash advance and didnt tell me thats what they was going to do. I use to make $730 almost every wk with these ppl few times I brought home over $1,000 and thats no bonus just straight miles and thats hinest god truth just few times. Dispatchers are a joke their young and usa is a trainging company and im glad I had exp before I came here but I have going on 4yrs exp. As of nov 2013 the average miles here are 2100 solo they are switching to brand new prostar trucks 10spd but kiss their a** you can get them and if you decide to go to usa you dnt really have to follow their routing. Just watch these ppl

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Address: van buren, Arkansas USA