Complaint: On 10/17/2012 i recieved a phone call from a reprsentative on behalf of name Daniel Smith,who explained to me that i HAD an outstanding loan in the amount of $496.00. Daniel Smith went on to DEMAND said monies from me immediately or get an attorney and be prepared to go to court and LOSE $10,000.By me Not knowing any better i accepted his terms and agreed to begin a process to pay these monies and clear the matter up. Daniel Smith gave me his information ( phone # 1877-413-7219 and a fax number 1-800-316-8023 ) to send him said monies. I was assigned a case number and TOLD how the process works. Daniel Smith said ” if i DON’T pay the local police would come to my job and arrest me for making fraudulent loans “” as well as contacting as many people THEY could find and tell them that i am a fraud. Initially i felt threatened and after that i felt harassed

Tags: Attorney Generals

Address: matter of fact

Website: 18774137219

Phone: i now KNOW i am being HARASSED and am willing to seek any type of legal retribution.”