They lied and This Company is no good


My Complaint: I call to cancel my plan and this lady named Crystal Williams answered the phone I said to her that I wanted to cancel my plan and she said okay and I requested all my money back she told me that I could not get any of my money back that I had a 30 day. What does company do is send you to a department shipping department and they have some people that speak really fast and they skip over the part my agent by the name of Kayla told me my doctor was in network and how they get you if they work with Andrea provider this is a scam please do not sign up with this company and crystal Williams would tell you that no money is refundable she keeps all the money and she would not give you your money back I ask to speak with her manager she put some man named John on the phone and he had me on hold forever finally he picks up I tell him the story and he tells me is non-refundable and ask to speak with the manager higher than him and he did not allow me to please do not sign up with this company


My Demand: My money back