Dental insurance no deductible no copay . 2 weelk waiting period , ITS A CLUB and useless


My Complaint: Was contacted about a supplemental dental insurance plan that would cover all procedures implants cosmetic and routine dental care with no co-pay no deductible no exclusions. And only a 2 week waiting period with acceptance anywhere . I get a box of floss and a toothbrush went to my local blue cross dentist who said it’s not insurance pays nothing and is not even able to get discounts on services all payment due at time of service , they stole 135 from me and will try taking 35 a month for continued COVERAGE that only covers taking more money and ID useless I have a recorded conversation of the entire sign up and can prove I did not misunderstand what I was sold ,FRAUD SCAM THEY ARE THIEVES


My Demand: Full REFUND