Complaint: I ordered a replacement battery for a Toshiba laptop from USB Phone World and the one they sent me would not take a charge so I returned it to them via U.S. Mail. I ordered the battery on March 28, received the battery within a week, and returned it the following week. I have emailed USB Phone World numerous times and have NEVER received a reply from anyone except for the generic auto-reply message. I have called numerous times and our of over a dozen calls I have managed to talk to a live human being twice. The last time I spoke with someone was weeks ago, and they assured me that a replacement battery would be sent, but I have received nothing. I have left messages demanding a refund or a replacement battery, but NOBODY CALLS BACK, NOBODY SENDS AN EMAIL, and I have not received a battery or a refund. Nobody answers the phone, nobody responds to emails, and nobody responds to phone messages. This is the worst customer service experience I have ever endured. It is as though this company WANTS to go out of business. I will NEVER do business with this company again, no matter if they give me a refund or a replacement battery eventually, but I am not holding my breath while waiting. I would advise anyone looking for phoe or computer products online to AVOID USB PHONE WORLD at all costs, unless you want to waste hours of your time, as I have trying to get them to provide a working product or a refund.

Tags: Online Business

Address: 1450 Guadalupe Rd. Gilbert, Arizona USA


Phone: 800-631-8153