I went online to find a puppy and i found one that i wanted, it was a black pug puppy. So i contacted the person and she was to pay half the shipping while i paid the other half, it cost me $136 including the fee to westernunion which i sent the money to Uship to deliver my puppy. I was to get my puppy yesterday at 7 p.m. and no puppy. well Uship emails me saying they need an acclimation certificate before proceding with delivery on my puppy so i email the owner of the puppy back and she said she would get it from the vet and send it to them today. When Uship received the certificate they told me they were delivering my puppy and i would receive her today and to stay at home and they would call me once they arrived to sign the papers on the puppy. Well a couple hours later im waiting and no puppy, they email me later saying that i needed to pay $300 for American Aviation Commission Pet Insurance for my puppy before they deliver her to my home saying it was refundable once i got the puppy they would give me the $300 back. I wasnt going to give them $300 more, so i told them that and they havent replied back to me yet, still no puppy and i am out $136. I am so furious, i wanted to give that puppy a home for my two boys who just had birthdays last week and i bought a collar, puppy chow, puppy treats, and set up a kennel and everything and i dont have a puppy! I want these people to get whats coming for them!!!! sasha, markesan wi

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