Family member was looking into purchasing a pomeranian and came across an ad on for teacup pomeranian puppies. Upon contacting the person Nora Laundre was informed that it would cost $300 for one to be shipped and $450 for two. An email was later sent about the shipping and how to go about paying for it. It was requested that the money be sent via Western Union to a Dissake Luma and Tita Desmond. Since the first transfer the shipment company keep on making excuses for more money to be paid to them in order for the shipment to go through as well as text from the person Nora Laundre insisting to pay and go along with whatever the company said to do. The family member did as instructed but company continued with the excuses to be paid more money for their services and that it was “required” as a means of continuing with the shipment that should have arrived earlier in the week.. I demand Full Reimbursement. Stay away

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