First I want you to know this is top confidential and must be treated as such; my business proposition is of $2,875,000.00 opium fund concealed in a lock-box, realized from opium deal in Afghanistan while I was commander U.S. Transportation Command "USTRANSCOM", the money is currently in vault of Bureau of Diplomaticcourier & Security-USA, tagged to a trustee (owner); the Bureau is the Department of US Department of State…As a top military officer i can’t claim the fund as mine such the scheme in tagging the lock-box to a trustee (owner), using the U.S. Transport Command "USTRANSCOM" which is the only avenue to get the funds into the US. I’m among the nation’s high ranking military officer which place me under constant surveillance as a United States highly rated officer so we do this strictly via email and text messages due to surveillance, utmost confidentiality is needed. I will send you my direct private phone number that you can send me sms (text) message to and you can only call me when it is the only way out… It’s imperative the claim is handled by a total stranger hence my reason for contacting you to work with me by applying for claim of the fund in the lock-box as the trustee (owner). This is a top confidential business, as such must be treated with utmost confidentially between us both. Legal fees for storage, shipment documentation and tax would be demanded, sort it all!. I’m offering you 45% for your partnership and %10 for any expenses you would incur and i will take the balance %45. If you are ready to work with me, lets discuss details and introduce you to the company here in the USA as the trustee (owner) of the fund, so that you can contact the company director in Washington DC of the USA to apply for the release and shipment of the lock-box to you…. Best regards, V.K. Brooks