Complaint: In July 2014 my husband and I purchased a time share at the Krystal Resort in Cancun Mexico. We later decided that we did not want to continue our ownership and when an offer came from Vacation Connections (Mark Taylor) in Chicago, IL, we accepted. We then received an agreement from Title Investments of Greensboro, NC (Julie Smith, aka, Julie Harris) stating tha tthey would be holding our funds n escrow until the sale was completed. All along we have been skeptical that this might be a scam, but allowed ourselves to be taken in by their promise that they had a ready/willing and ablke buyer who would be escrowing matching funds that we wired to the banks. We received several Escrow Statements from Title Investments, LLC, showing the amounts that were n our Escrow Account. Each week there seemed to be another complication due to the Mexican Government, which was delaying the sell and then were asked to send another payment to a bank in Mexico. The final cost was to be a bribe to a Mexican official to ensure that our paperwork to sell was completed immediately. We received emails and phone calls statng that Julie Smith (aka, Julie Harris), of Title Investments LLC was actually in Mexico City to ensure that the property was sold. After the last transfer was completed, the phne lines at both Vacation Connections and Title Investments were disconnected as well as the website for Title Investments in North Carolina and all emails were returned undeliverable. To-date, we have not heard from any of these people and know that we have lost over $28,000.00.

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