Vacation Play Hilton Head Guest Services sold us two vacation packages and only allowed us to go on one trip. We paid for both trips by credit card. We took the first trip as paid for and was fine. When we got ready to take the second trip, we called to make the reservation and the reservation company tells me that we have not paid. The lady told me to contact the company that I bought the vacation from to find out why. She also said she had no idea who we bought the package from and had never heard of Vacation Play. The odd thing is she had all of my personal information based on the verification code I gave her off of my form. After contacting Vacation Play, they told me that the money for the next trip was applied towards the deposit for the first trip. Therefore, leaving no money towards the second trip. The sales representative I spoke with originally apparantly applied this money without my knowledge, according to Vacation Play. He told me that there should have been some red flags to me based on his co-worker telling me that I could take the trip whenever and where ever I choose. He said that I should have had suspicions because she is working on commisions. Commisions should have nothing to do with lying about what is being sold! I am out the money and the vacation package promised by Vacation Play! Please do not trust everything they are telling you. The lady tried to sell me a third trip and I am thankful that I did not pay the extra money that!

174 Towne Lake Parkway Woodstock, Georgia USA