My wife and I were solicited by phone to attend a vacation presentation at Branson. We were to receive discounted theatre tickets in exchange. At the time we made the reservations, which involved THREE phone calls, both my wife and I stated that we have 2 children, ages 3 and 11, that would be with us. We were told this would be fine. When the confirmation email and policy emails arrived, the only thing in them about children was that ‘children age 2 and under were not allowed’. When we arrived for the presentation, we were told in an extremely rude manner by the manager, Dennis, that children were NOT allowed. He picked up a piece of paper, started stabbing at it with his finger and shoved it into my wife’s face. I was about to make a rather unpleasant scene when my wife hustled me out of the lobby. They had charged my credit card $73 for the tickets. The tickets were canceled by the company and we were told we would be charged the remainder of the $412 for the tickets. I called Chase immediately and disputed the charge and told them to deny any further charges. These people are crooks! Thieves, liars, crooks, conmen.

3265 Falls Pkwy Branson, Missouri United States of America

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