My husband and I were contacted by a post card to attend a sales promotion in Cincinnati, we would receive free airfare to wherever we wanted to travel or a free 3 day cruise for attending with no purchase. We had to call to attend at specific date & time, and they changed the venue from Northern Ky. to Cincinnati, Oh. We attended meeting at LaQuinta Hotel, in Sharonville, Oh., it was a high pressure sales and they kept saying how they was going to open a new travel office in the Cincinnati area and wanted us in on the ground floor to cheap travel, they were selling packages of $9,000. + annual fees. When we turned them down and asked about the free attendance promotion, they came up with a membership that had been turned back in from a family that could not pay, of course it was the only one available and for $4,091.00 + annual fees we could purchase at that time only. We bit when we told them we wanted to go to Hawaii, just so happened the woman had just come back from their on vacation telling us how cheap it was through this company, and two years after the fact we have received nothing, after we spoke numerous documented times to different people regarding not receiving what we were supposed to. When seeing on the 9 news (1/15/15) that several vacation clubs were being investigated for fraudulent activities and was told to google the club for reports on their activities, when I came across complaint on one from Cincinnati, their were 10 -12 people in each of these meetings that they were holding over serveral days, and we were aware that at least 2 couples purchased the full package of $9,000 + fees in our meeting, so we knew their had to be some disgruntled people when they were holding numerous sale promotion events and not coming through with what they were promising.

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