When you get a call from someone saying you won this great trip, don’t believe it. These guys called me about 5 times about how I won a trip to the Bahamas. His name is Melvin Hipp, he told me about this great trip I had won from a drawing that was set up at our local State Fair. How bad is that. You not only get screwed by all the high prices at the Fair, but now you can get screwed by there guys. They said I would get 8 day and 7 night vacation starting at Orlanda, Fl then going to Nausaw, On the crusie I would get a room on the ship, dinner eith the Captain and my own cabin boy. Then in Florida I would get to stay in nice hotle, free car rental and go to Disneyland.,along with a trip to Universal Studios with the VIP pass. Now I had up to 41/2 yrs to decide when I wanted to go. As a bonus I got a free trip to Mexico and Vegas.Now you ask how much is all this going to cost me? A mere $ 299.00. Of course,They wanted a Credit Card #. When I ask them when will all this get applied he quickly changed the subject. I gave him my # but I didn’t tell him it was my debit card and I didn’t have that amount in the bank. When he came back on the phone he said it was declined. I told him I wouldn’t have the money in the bank till Friday. His tone of voice changed and said I will call you back Friday. Little does he know I will not put that $ in to cover that amount. So just to warn you these guys travel around like gyspes. nLauransioux falls, South DakotaU.S.A.

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