Do not pay for the “3 night Hilton Head SC RESORT PACKAGE”” w Vaction Play they are a Ripoff! They responded once to my email to schedule my reservation

was told I can change same way. I tried to change my dates via same email method no response. They cancelled my trip then tried to charge additionally monies. When I reached customer service reps they were very rude

short and nasty! I was cursed at told f* my momma my grandma my dad my sister n brother!! Yes really!! I cursed too but I’m the angry customer sooooo!! Talked to to different reps hung up tried to called back several times only to get the same person! Wasn’t allowed to speak to a supervisor Etc. They are a RIPOFF DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM! I should have known from the beginnning when I reserved they initially told me 3 nights hung up and email said 2 nights can pay for additional nightshad to call back a total of 3 times before they got that straight! REDFLAG!! Don’t waste even your $120″

Internet USA

1-800-363-5798 or 678-486