I am a long-time client of beuty concierge services and have gotten a few procedures done both in my homeland of New Zealand and in Los Angeles. I was looking to save money and started investigating plastic surgery concierge servies in Latin America. I came across Priscilla Menezes’ vacationsforbeauty.com website. She claims to help you save money and find the best so of course I was intrigued. It looked good on the surface I decided to investigate since services in Latin America can be sketchy if you don’t know who to go to. I checked her testimonials page. Something was off. One of her clients claimed to have worked with Ms. Menezes for over three decades…but Ms Menezes claims to have started working in 2001 and in any case looks to be about 37-40 years old, too young to be in the business for over thirty years. Big red flag. So I cut and paste phrases from her testimonials into google…and it turns out they are ALL from the website of a respected concierge service based in Beverly Hills. Priscilla Menezes has no actual testimonials from actual clients and may have no experience as a concierge whatsoever. Folks, getting plastic surgery is a big deal, especially if you are planning on going to a foreign country to do it! Do your homework and stay away from fake concierge services trying to make a quick buck rather than earn their reputation. If she lies on her website, she might lie to you.

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