Complaint: The last time I went into this Pizza join the owner Daniel Valentia was rude, discusting, dirty and a total creep. The pizza was so watery, cheese was hard, and as cold as can be. The pizza was stale, burnt, and taste like a wet dirty shoe. I went back to talk to the owner and he would not give me my money back. He only offered a credit for another terrible pizze. That is exactly what I want another pizza that taste like crap, Thanks Daniel Valentia. In addition this Daniel guy kepy looking at my 15 year old son in a weird way, I think he has issues. After talking to other customers they all stated the same, all the children were afraid to go in there. Parents were afraid to leave their kids side. I am so glad this pizza place closed, it is a blessing to the town, nobody liked the guy. If this weird creep worked for me I would be concerned, run from this creeper guy….Employers you have been warned…

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: 9225 Durand Ave Sturtevant, Wisconsin USA


Phone: 2623313102