Complaint: I just got the biggest shuffle ever. We are in a chapter 13 5 year stay. Not proud of it but it had to be. During our chapter 13 5 year stay creditors cannot call or send collectors after you.Verizon was listed in our bankruptcy and was sent a letter to inform them. They went ahead and gave our debt to this collection agency. In complete violation of law. The collection company sent me to Verizon and they said they do not have to honor bankruptcy law. That we owe them over 2 thousand dollars in contract fees. But they already gave it to a non Verizon collector. They are in total violation of law. They were lited on our bankruptcy and its all ready gone thru the court. But they insist we have to pay.

Tags: Criminal Justice System

Address: po Box325 Lawrence, Michigan USA


Phone: 800-941-3849