On the 28th of August, 2011 I pulled into the Valero, aka. Drivers Travel Center to park for the night, as I had to deliver down the road the next morning. Went in to grab a drink. I noticed the cashier was discussing something with a Truck Driver. I stood by the counter and waited patiently. I waited for a minimum of 5 minutes. Two other men walked with cases of beer in there hand, and sat them on the counter. Now these men were not trying to get in front of me, one of them looked at me and said he just needed to set them down(weight), I said sure. Well, immediately the cashier took one step to the left and rang them up. One of the guys mentioned that I have been waiting, and she said, “I’ll get to him””. She spent the next 6 minutes at minimum flirting with these two guys. I would have put my drink down and left

but I was to amazed. Anyway

she finally rang me up

and I said thank you and left. nThis store/truck stop has no signs in the parking area at all

but that doesn’t matter to them. They’ll come bang on your door at 0130 in the morning to let you know that they charge $8.00 a night to park. As corrupt as this might sound