Valley Wide signs tring to extort money


My Complaint: Extrotion; From However he didn’t feel it was worth it, after all I was a start up non-profit who knew very little people. I obviously had a big heart, and what damage could I do through word of mouth? Maybe it was the fact that fixing his mess would cut into his profit margin. When brought to his attention, he claimed that I was at fault, I misunderstood, because they don’t have the ability to provide those types of graphics. Then he turns around and puts the type of graphics he told me they couldn’t provide on his van.

He can still fix this.

Obviously though, not for what it would have cost him if he would have fixed it through the goodness of his heart. I will sell him this domain, sign a confidentiality agreement, and delete all content I have created that is able to be deleted, if Steven admits he was wrong, and makes a donation of $25,000 (that’s only 1% of Valley Wide Signs annual revenue). As a bonus he’ll even get to deduct it from his taxes.