The company suggested that I successfully applied for a position within "indeed" but they offered me another position "Online Service Agent" where I was basically asked to receive money and exchange it for bitcoins upon completion I would receive a bonus of 3% for the payment that was received. They said it was a 5 day probationary period that was only compensated by 3% commission of payments made. And that after a successful interview a 45 day trial at the company’s office would be provided with a $24hr plus 3% commission basis. The company asked for Driver’s License ID and bank information. Once provided they followed with instructions on how to commence the "training" and also that they could not let you use Interac E transfers as the system was "down" so they asked for your credit card number. They never provided a phone number to contact and when I emailed them to ask them to call me there excuse was that they were oversea’s on a business trip (New York) and could not make the call as it was too expensive.