I purchased a bedroom & living room set from value city furniture in Calumet City almost a month ago. it took almost two weeks for the furniture to arrive. The living room set arrived first damaged and the sales person forgot to send my bedroom set although i paid for it in full on the same day i purchased the living room set. The bedroom set was delivered and set up a weekm later, upon setting up by the delivery person it was descovered that the bedroom set was broken and was taken back to the store the same day by the driver. I went to value city to get a full refund and was informed that they are having prooblems with this partictular company bedroom sets. However, i was informed i would receive a full refund for my living room & bedroom set within three days back on my card. I have not yet received any money at this point and it has been a week now. i think this company is very unprofessional with poor customer service that do not keep their promises. Some of the staff i dealt with when i went back to the store about my refuld three times was very rude and unconcern. I am very frustrated now amd i want my refund immediately. Sincerely Lois R (((REDACTED)))

159th street Calumet City, Illinois United States of America

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