I purchased a recliner chair from Value City Furniture in North Olmsted. After about ten months of un-frequent use (one to two hours siting per day), the stitching on the front side of the back support and along the grove became undone to the point where you could see gaps in the fabric and the material upholstery used to plush the inside of the recliner. I called the store, they gave me the runaround for a few weeks about bringing the recliner in to be inspected. Finally when I took it in, the qualified (????) furniture repair man asked if there were obese people residing at my house or using my recliner, I said ‘no’, he then stated that possibly the sofa was abused in some fashion. I finally stopped him and asked if the sofa was repairable, and he said he would try. They kept the sofa for about three weeks, when I got it back, the stitching repair job was horrible, uneven, non symmetrical, and unpresentable. I asked for a refund or a new sofa, they of course refused, I complained to management at that store, they didn’t care, made no offers, nothing. I complained to Value City Furniture Corporate office in Columbus, OH, same response. The stitching came apart about a month later, and of course by this time the warranty was expired. I ended up throwing the sofa out. I will never buy anything at Value City Furniture ever again, and have convinced friends and other family members to never shop at any of their stores. Everyone I dealt with at the sales stage were pleasant and nice, but once I back came in with a complaint for repair, everyone acted like they were offended, treated my wife and I with disrespect, were rude and demeaning.

4700 Great Northern Blvd North Olmsted, Ohio USA

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