I layed-away a bedroom set for my son and a chest for myself in the spring of “05”” and in the spring of “”06″” I had finally got my new home and was ready to pay off the layaway and receive my furniture. When I went into the store on 3-30-06 I paid the remaining balance and was told my furniture would be delivered on 04-08-06. On 04-07-06 I called to verify the time to expect my furniture I was told that because my layaway was from last year the money was on “”the old system and had to be transferred to the new one”” I asked why hadnt this been done in the past 7 days and I was told by a very rude and irrate manager that he didnt have to explain to me anymore what had happened and that it was the job of someone in the main office and he had nothing to do with the main office

then when I said I wanted a refund he claimed they only give store credit. Can someone tell me why this company is still in business it every has made so many complaints..My mother and cousin had also had similar stories about not recieving their deliveries on the day of

after taking off of work and waiting around all day not to mention they had to call the store because the store never bothered to call to say we wont be coming today nMiznphiladelphia


320 Oregon Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A.