I ordered a spa from Value Point Distribution (portablehottubsandspas.com) on September 27, 2013 for $5,345.00 and they promised delivery by October 30, 2013. They did not deliver the spa when promised. I spent many weeks calling and emailing. They kept giving me a different date, then said it did not arrive on the shipping container and they would give me a new date. It finally arrived 2 months late. Value Point’s delivery company (Seko Shipping) called me and said the spa would be delivered on Thursday, December 12th. I paid a team of workers to move it into the backyard and they waited on hand, but the spa was not delivered. They told me the shipping company lost it. I am out $200.00 for the cost of the workers. When the spa was finally delivered on December 20th, the order was incomplete (no cover, cover lifter, steps, lifetime supply of filters, extended warranty, start up kit). Furthermore, a knob on the spa is broken. Value Point Distribution delivered a faulty spa. Value Point has not responded to my calls or emails about fulfilling my order and their customer service representatives tell me the appropriate person will be in the office soon and will contact me shortly, but they don’t. Their representatives consistently lie on the phone. I contacted them again today and said am seeking a refund through the BBB. The breakdown of the undelivered items and my out-of-pocket expenses for the workers are: Cover – $355.00 Deluxe cover lifter – $299.00 Steps – $100.00 Extended Warranty – $399.99 Lifetime supply of filters – $600.00 Start up kit – $67.00 Cost of workers – $200.00 Total refund: $2,020.99

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