First It Was Hoodia – Now It Is ValueNet.nI guess I will just have to stop ordering products online. nEventually everyone will feel the same way. Online shopping will be a thing of the past. If you cannot trust a online vendor how can you order from them. Everyone online wants to get paid first before they ship your order. We have become a world without trust. I think the vendors should ship the product to there customers and let them wait to get paid – now who’s pissed off. nWell at least I got their phone & fax number – I hope everyone who got scamed faxes the hell out of them – not to mention being bombarded by all those phone calls from people who are very pissed off. staeling there hard earned money – just who in the hell do they think they are. nHAVE A GREAT DAY – Don’t forget to fax and phone the hell out of the numbers above. nPatricianBRADENTON, FloridaU.S.A.

8721 Santa Monica Blvd #1219 Los Angeles, California U.S.A.


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