Crappy Customer Support: Ban for no Reason: Take your money and do not respond


My Complaint: So basically Steam Valve has been scamming for a long time now. What they do is firstly, ban accounts with zero proof of doing so, and then FORCE you to purchase another account when they ban you, and will eventually ban you again. They do not respond to squat customer support tickets. I have sent over 4 tickets and only got 1 of them answered. I have had account restrictions and it takes them weeks to answer a simple question like “What is your Steam username”, and they wait until your basically dead for them to respond. If there is a market issue, or anything related to money they respond with a BOT and do not do anything about it. I have lost hundreds to these guys and am tired of wasting my life with them. A multimillion dollar company should be capable of having an efficient Customer Support team. There such a bad company and such cowards that they don’t have a phone number to call, afraid to talk to someone and show they actually made a mistake. they do not lift mistaken bans, no bans at all they do not lift.


My Demand: Money Back, better Support