This Guy named Seth Over- berry at Vanderbilt Mortgage CO. said pay or else…and he said he didn’t care in other words but he said he just want the payment and was extremely nasty and said he is the manager for the company and said he just want the payment even though we have not missed a payment he wants it on time now. We told him my husband was laid off two years ago and he gets only 92 dollars in unemployment and we have to save up money to make the payment but like he said i want the payment in today or else …..this is not a RIP OFF yet but i have a feeling it will be soon this is too let you know i would not recommended any one to buy a house from this company or buy a house period ,don’t do it rent please because it will save you a lot of people the grief of uncaring people like that and you not having fifty calls a week for one payment still pending to be paid. yes only one …but they want it ontime ok i understand that but if i don’t have it right away then what can i do but pay it when i have it and that’s all ….but they dont care about that ….trust me don’t buy a house read the many rip off and the many house buying problems …..

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. 500 Alcoa Tr Maryville, Tennessee United States of America

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