A man who claims his name is Jonathan offered me a job, having received my resume from a site that helps find employment (I believe it was Indeed.com). He told me to expect a call from a team member and be ready to provide my social security number, bank account and routing numbers, address, etc. in order to put me on their direct deposit payroll. When I asked to go into their office, he said I would have to go into their main office in Denver (I’m assuming in Colorado). I told him it’s a scam if there is no office in California where I live and he told me that they have an office in Santa Monica where he was located. I then insisted on meeting him at the supposed office in Santa Monica, but he wouldn’t respond. I then warned him that I will report his number as a scam since he refused to meet me face to face. These people are preying on people who are looking for work. Please investigate this and get authorities involved for legal action if in fact this is a scam. Thank you.