Complaint: Hello Ripoff Scams and all concerned honest people out there who want to trade stocks/futures/options/currencies, Please learn from my bad experience I bought this horrible trading software from this deceptive company promising over 80% accuracy. Let me tell you it isn’t 80% accurate, this software is horrible, I didnt have any profitable trades from this company not one. They refused to refund my money within the 15 days when I called back within those 15 days they lied and said it was too late, Paul Ignat the account manager llied anda said you can’t cancel. I tried the BBB but it didnt help. Please don’t bother with this software plain and simple it doesnt work. They promise training but every follow up call is about upselling, Ask yourself this simple question? “if a trading software was so proprietary

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Address: profitable and valuable why would they share it?”””” and also ask “”why do they say $500 is non-refundable””

Website: 5807 Old Pasco Road Wesley Chapel Chapel, FL United States

Phone: “”Why do they not provide trades that have worked prior to having executed them (as they always provide winners after the big move up or down has already occured)?”” It’s sad these people are ripping off honest people who want to trade