Complaint: For the last 4 months I have done business with this company for my vapor needs. I like the idea of using electronic cigarettes it is better for my health and pocket so i thought. After purchasing a unit from this company i continued to buy many different flavors trying to find a flavor i liked. With this i realized that the flavor described didn’t always match the taste as it was described on the website. The downside to this is I’m stuck with oil i can’t and won’t use. After spending about $200 in oils trying to find a flavor i liked and buying 6 batteries in a 4 month period which 4 out of the 6 were defective. The 1st two batteries lasted me 1 1/2 months after that i purchased two stater kit for a friend and my daughter once again giving them new business. My friend didn’t use he’s unit right away. After two days of using it the battery went bad as well . I found out that there was a 30 day warranty on the battery and i was one day outside of it. I called and explained the situation as a onetime courtesy they told me they would take care of me . Here is where i felt things went bad . I walked into the store and was told the battery that i wanted to replace was no longer there and that i would have to pay the difference to get a battery. So i paid the difference I wasn’t too upset but also working in retail for many of years I know how I would have taken care of my customers to make things right. Four days went by and guess what the button on the battery stopped working properly. Now in all of this time remember I have bought plenty in oils recommended them business and bought my fare share of defective product. She tells me today well there is nothing we can do for you even thou i paid the difference for the new battery and was never told that the warranty wouldn’t cover the new battery. For this I feel cheated why is it my fault that i paid extra money and still have a broken unit. Does that sound right to you as a customer. You as a owner made me feel like my problem isn’t your problem even thou you sold me the product. I understand you don’t make it but you do make money off me buying and you selling it. In business you always don’t make money in every transaction but what your goal as a owner is to make a customer for life. I wish i could continue to recommend and go to this place for business but after this experience i won’t. I find it funny that she has written her on review on her own company giving herself 5 stars. Well today didn’t feel like 5 star treatment. ( Buyer beware you should do extensive research on these units since they seem to be so faulty or find a location that cares more about the customer experince then the owners pocket )

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Address: 3750 Universidy Ave # 580 Riverside, California USA