Accused customers of stealing, when she an her friends from Tulane ct, are the main one stealing, on Sunday she pushed out a tote, full of stuff, around 3/3:30, has been fired 3 times an still working at the same store, I made several calls to the maxway on lower wetumpa rd, she kept answering the phone an refused to put the manager on the phone, so I called Fairview maxway an spoken to the manager there, she told me she would call an have Mr Floyd call me, pertaining to the situation, no response because he like her, also she failed drug test, takin loratab without a prescription, seeking on the job, I also spoke with a manager, this morning who stated it”s always a group of girls that comes to the store on days she works, an she let them steal for herself and them, all u have to do is play back camera before Mr Floyd erase, anything she also is trying to frame the manager Nina, by letting her friends an herself steal, so they can fire Nina for bad inventory, also in Sunday evening I had called Mrs Bernadette, about this she said she would tell manager

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