Buyer BEWARE !! will scam you. I called the company ahead of time and told them that I was booking a room for tomorrow and that I had found the same room King size bed Standard room on the hotels website for less. They said no problem that does qualify for the double the difference guarantee. Just go ahead and fill out the gaurantee form and we’ll give you double the difference back. nI did without reading anything because the person on the phone told me yes go ahead and it does qualify. I filled out the form, went to vegas and came back and checked my email. Where’s the double the difference refund. NOTHING in my email for 3 days. So I called them. nThey said “if you book it within 24 hours of your stay THAT does NOT qualify.”” nI said that is not what I was told on the phone when I called ahead of my booking the room. They said too bad. nDON’T use VEGAS.COM for the cheapest rooms and expect the guarantee to be worth anything. nVEGAS.COM‘s guarantee is that they got your money and you have been SCAMMMMMMMMED !!!! nJncosta mesa

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