Complaint: I moved into Ventana Canyon Apartments and signed a 9 month lease. I moved in late October, and in November they were putting notes on door for eviction. The staff in office were aware of a 3,000 check being mailed to them, and we spoke daily. Come to find out the management had been returning this envelope to a undeliverable address! They finally accepted the check sent thru mail, but charged me 2,500 extra for eviction costs! Now I remind you that I moved in the end of October, they received already a months rent, plus deposit. The staff in office and their regional manager, Jennifer Williams, had no problem with this legal but illegal charges! They try to cover but crooks always make mistakes! My lease term is up, I will not be resigning, went into office personally and spoke with Rita. I told her I would not be resigning as well as wrote it down on a piece if paper. I left 3 weeks early, and was unaware of a bill of 400.00. I was never given a bill, nor did they call to inform me of this extra bill! They placed 1,700 on my credit report which has been a nightmare issue in its own! Who has 1,700 bill after they move out! Well according to YELP at least 2 more tenants received 1,700 charges. By the way within my 9 month lease agreement their were 5 different tenants that had the same circumstances with move in and all 5 were charged 2,500… I find that to be ODD!! Now this is where situation gets interesting, after speaking with Jennifer Williams again about these absurd charges I needed to see their documentation of money they received from me. As my right I needed verification, and wanted to make sure receipts matched. They told me they could not send because I was just a voice over phone, although I had been speaking with them about an hour. They told me to go to their website, which I did. I was redirected into apartment locate sites. They would be first to appear but no website! What they did is got access and HACKED into my Gmail account! They tried to cover their illegal actions by more illegal actions and I have reported them to!! They tried putting a bill dated 2015, in my account on August 2,2016!!!! I have three Google agents to verify. I was given confirmation numbers of this hacking incident by management at Ventana Canyon Apartments! That is Identity Theft, and for a business to access your private account with false charges is a Federal offense! I am grateful to Mark, Andy, and Gregg the Google agents for confirmation that this place is a scam! They are under investigation! I also made a police report with Henderson Police Department, my credit has a freeze on it, and beginning a long process of suing them on fraudulent charges! This would all be unnecessary if they were honest! They are crooks! They will place fraudulent expense on credit reports, and can not be trusted!

Tags: Federal Government

Address: 1250 American Pacific Henderson , Nevada USA