Complaint: When I worked at Verbal Beginnings, my supervisor told me our clocked in time rounds to the nearest 15 minutes. For example, if I clocked out at 5:04, it would be rounded to 5:00. The supervisor always had to go in an approve our time before pay day and could edit it. That is illegal. Also, my supervisor told me the girl in the medical billing position before me had accessed our software with all the protected patient health information from her own laptop instead of accesses it from the company laptop which is a HIPAA violation for sure. Also, she did not find the girl’s billing errors for a couple months either until after she “quit””. The billing manager did not train me correctly or catch my errors for 3 weeks

Tags: Medical, Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Records/ Billing Software, Mental Health

Address: just like the person she trained before me and another accidental HIPAA violation my have happened. They quickly deleted the emails

Website: 7175 Columbia Gateway Dr a Columbia, Maryland United States

Phone: hid the evidence and had me fired for apparently “”harassing”” the billing manager and then threatened to sue me for an alleged Google review stating that they are unprofessional and poor training could result in many HIPAA violations. It’s also highly illegal to retaliate against someone for saying they want to report you for a crime