spam solicited me for client verification services for escorts, and they are a total scam. I am an escort and run an agency as well for 8 years now. They are new, so I decided to check them out. On its About page it says its a Singapore based company, so that in itself is suspicious and scary because it operates outside of, and with no regard for US laws. If you sign up you could be putting your identity and your credit card information into the hands of identity thieves. They say they are operated by OffShore Tech Limited, and I have not been able to verify anywhere that such a company exists. In my research, according to the Domain registration at Go Daddy, the website Domain went live just 4 months ago in July of 2010, yet they have exact word for word posts Ive personally put on National Blacklist over the years from as far back as 2006. How can this be? They obviously somehow stole the content from NationalBlacklist. com as the posts in their registry are publicly accessible. even states on their website that they provide client information against a blacklist database (yeah… NATIONAL BLACKLIST’S), and all client’s information is gathered from many internet footprints obtained from many escort sites/forums, social networks, and public databases. With this statement it appears they are openly admitting they are using or stealing data from various adult sites, and they specifically mention TER, P411, and Roomservice (RS2K). While this seems to be illegal, unethical, and without permission from any of these websites there may be nothing any of these web communities and forums can do. But what you can do, is to not reward these criminals for their obvious illegal activity by not signing up for their service when they spam email and solicit you. It is blatantly obvious they stole all their content from various and long standing trusted websites that service the escorts and hobbyists community, and now they are trying to take your money for work they didnt create or earn. The real question is, and what you all should be really scared of, is who knows what they will do with your membership information once they have it. They obviously did not get into the business to help escorts. So, would they then sell your name, identity, and credit card information to identity thieves? Because this is where the real money is for them, and this is what should scare the living crap out of you! Personally I would not give my name and credit card information to an overseas company especially one whose business is built on stealing another business’s information. We are constantly warned by the government watch dogs and the media how over seas operations is where so much internet fraud and identity theft practices take place, and they feel safe in doing so because they feel they are out of reach of the US Government and US laws! Do not subscribe to, and beware of any new businesses like this that pretends to be your friend or offers you help, when they have no proven history to show their trustworthiness. Be safe ladies!

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