Complaint: I ordered internet from them and talked me into a hum for car internet to and 2 year contract I said ok I can pay $150-175. A month. And they sent me a small jet pack and hum for the car internet, we paid $170. For internet 1st month and every time we try use internet it would take a long time to load and then it would always b on pause to take more long time to load. I called the company and asked about it about so slow to load and said I can only use one computer on the jet pack to work faster and then we did try and still slow and than the bill was getting more and I asked why and they said it was cause we used up only the 8 gn we ordered and have to pay a lot more money if it goes over the limit , so I said well can we just order the unlimited gn so we donu2019t go over, but they didnu2019t turn it on right away so the bill got to be $158. Than soon again to $295.28 and now I think it is $400. We only used the internet for 6 weeks, and it was so slow and took a long time to load anything, I said I didnu2019t want it for such poor quality internet for the high price, but they turned it off cause I couldnu2019t afford to pay for the bigger price bill and no internet makes no sense to pay for something that didnu2019t work good and poor service quality, Iu2019m very unhappy and upset with them, now Iu2019ll be charged for big big bill for something we couldnu2019t even use. Big bill slow snail internet very poorly designed for Alaska I guess.

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