Complaint: I am going to make a very long story as short as possible. We have had Verizon since the 90’s & whave never had any issues. We purchased internet through them a few years ago & this past year we needed an upgrade because our old device stopped working, even after two new batteries. They gave us our only option; the Wifi jetpack. The first 2 months were fine..the last 5 months or more have been hell & we were not doing anything different on the internet. We started using a gig a day after paying for 20 gigs per month!! I called the second month of this going on because I thought maybe we did go over & I am telling you we have heard more excuses than anything ever since. No one had any real answers or offers of help just excuses like these select few: They tell us they can tell we are not downloading anything, they tell me to take battery out after each use, they tell me its because of surfing the internet, they tell me its because 4G is so lightning fast & the latest, they tell me they do not reccomend for home use!!! No two people ever told us the same thing..ever!! We talked with the VP & did get a tiny bit of relief as in out of the contract that still had more than a year to go. I do not want verizon at all now. I despise this company now. Our bill was over $500 for several months because of this insanity [usually $160.00] & the first person I talked to said that when they found the issue I would be reimbursed; the problem is, no one ever really knew what was wrong with it; just kept giving me textbook answers & dragging it out for months. I still have this device & I am going to figure out a way to prove that it is their faulty equiptment & not the 100 excuses they gave us. It is hard to believe that ebay, facebook & gmail would use a gig a day..I mean c’mon here!! I could not even use this device, I work from home & need the internet for that, I could not use it for my work like I needed to & since I was paying so much money for it, I wanted to use it..we tried to get them to send us out a new SIM card from the begining & for some reason, we were told they could not do that, although we recently found a rep who did promptly ship a new SIM card out but we recieved it the day we terminated our contract, which was a few days ago..we still have our phones with them though. I thought if I had a new SIM card when this first started, that I could tell by the first weeks use if it was the faulty SIM card in our old device. I just do not understand how they can not tell by our previous years usage co like I said, have had Verizon sincempared to when I started noticing a problem with the device, how they can not awknowledge it or at the very least, try a little harder to figure out the problem? We did everything they told us to do & we still had overage charges. I got to the point I would just log in to check stuff & the log off & I still paid over 500 some months for this. It is really hard to explain the hell we have gone through with this. I have a lot of documentations & have an IT friend I may ask to do his thing to prove I have not downloaded or used that much internet. I am not done with this just because I am out of my contract. It is not right for them to just drag this out for months at our exspense & then they act like they are doing us a favor. I am sick of arguing with them & getting all of the excuses in the world, no real help, just a bunch of BS..they have all of these notes in our account too & I wish I could pull that up from my account & show you how ridiculous they really are. I am going to get our phones out of contract next & I never want to use Verizon again. I am not confident that they can actually solve a problem & do not want to take any chances in the future with any future problems. If any one needs help or has any bright ideas we are on board. People do need to speak up. By the way, I live on a road without cable internet or cable of any sort. Before I had Verizon I had sattelite internet. I am very limited where I am & loved my Verizon internet. I just wanted someone to help figure out what was wrong, thats all, not drag it out for months at our exspense & then act like you did us a favor by finally letting us out of the contract because of your faulty equiptment. Also, my 28 year old daughter & I were the only ones using the internet & our phones were shut off from using internet. My husband has a hot spot & we tested usage one weekend by doing the same things we normally do with Verizon for two full days on his hot spot, with the only difference being my husband was also using it – all 3 of us barely used 7 megabytes in 2 days! Oh & IF I want to watch a video, I wait for the husband to get home & do it then…..

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