They can’t find my records or the so-called tape of when i changed my plan to a weekend plan and they kept charging me over a hundred dollars a month. I didn’t even have a phone for that number since i broke it at work. verizon never returned my calls like they promised. they said they would investigate but never did they just reported it on my credit report and sent it to a collection agency. i contacted the collection ageny and explained what was going on. nThe agency said they didnt have access to all of my records just the records verizon sent them. the man i did talk to at verizon who was suppose to call me did say he could tell that NO calls were made from that number for atleast 3months. so he had no idea why i was being charged that much money… when i asked to be put on a weekend plan. I chose to go to a weekend plan due to the fact it would be chearper to pay 25.00 for the service rather that paying 175.00 early cancelation fee.nno one at verizon or the collection agency (which i have had 3 different agencies send me collection notices from verizon) can seem to help me. nDarlanhouston, TexasU.S.A.

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