Just received my Coverage Selection Page for the renewal of my Massachusetts automobile insurance with Vermont Mutual Insurance Company. When I spoke with my agent I was told there was an across the board rate increase on all auto insurance policies. So, the insurance on my 2009 Mazda 6 went from $822.00 a year to $ 876.00 a year. I have had no accidents nor claims and I take advantage of all available discounts I believe. The Agent’s office was unable to tell me the general rate increase. So, I called Vermont Mutual Insurance Company and they told me they were NOT allowed to tell me – their customer – what those rate increases were. I followed up that call with a call to the Massachusetts Department of Insurance – Automobile Insurance Division and they were no more cooperative than Vermont Mutual Insurance. They would not tell me what those rate increases were and why there had been an across the board auto insurance rate increase. The only thing I cou

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