Complaint: Catered an event, Monday January 28, 2013 @ the Chimbole Cultural Center, Palmdale, sponsored byVeterans Southwest Industries, Stanley Washington (Las Vegas) and Rubye Ducksworth (Las Vegas). They are now ignoring final payment request. Had to call in law firm Parker Stanbury to send a demand letter. First time in 20 years, amazing!In attendance were the many local civic leaders, clergy, business leaders, etc discussing minority businesses. Mayor Jim Ledford, Palmdale, Antelope Valley Black Chamber of Commerce Today is Thursday, January 31, 2013. It is now 3 days since the catering event (see promoted by the Veterans Southwest Industries and we still have not received final payment for the catering work. Stanley Washington and Rubye Ducksworth of Las Vegas, NV have ignored phone calls, refused to answer voice mails and not responded to several email messages.Earlier today at 10:25am, there was a promise made to make a PayPal payment, but the promise turned out to be more lies by Stanley Washington and Rubye Ducksworth of Las Vegas, NV.I will continue to blog on the actions of these two hypocrites who sponsored a conference to promote black owned businesses!?!? Amazing! Today is the 4th day since the catering event and Veterans Southwest Industries has not made good on their promise to make the final payment for the catering work. Our attorney has completed the demand letter and is sending to Stanley Washington and Rubye Ducksworth of Las Vegas, Nevada.We wonder how many more minority and black-owned business these two have ripped off over the years? If there are vendors, exhibitors, etc who have also been cheated by Veterans Southwest Industries, The runaround continues from representatives of the Veterans Southwest Industries;8:10am sent text messages to Stan and Rubye, requesting an update, no response 11:30am called Rubye, left vm, no response; called Stan, says he will call Rubye after meeting and call me back 4:30pm no response and no final payment. Black owned business contracts with another black owned business, services are delivered, but final payment is not honored. Attempts to contact the company CEO Rev. Dr. Robert R. Gaines Sr who also chairs the California Black Chamber of Commerce, have been fruitless as well. What a way to start Black History Month, a black-owned business cheats another black-owned business out of monies due and ending up paying white lawyers to prosecute.

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