Just read all the other reports of this guy and wanted to file my own report – can’t believe he’s STILL DOING THIS! Just happened to me yesterday, July 24, 2015. Was rushing to grab a sandwich at lunchtime around 52nd and 6th. Approached by a short older black man on the phone asking if I knew where the American Girl store is. I said I don’t know but could look it up on my phone, he said not to worry he could look it up himself. He said I have a great voice and cut the conversation on his phone off saying he’d call whoever back, he found someone who sounds like a monkey. He said he’s a casting director for Nickelodeon and I have the voice he’s looking for and could be a fit for a few different shows. He was SUPER charming. He could see I was uneasy, and he immediately went into a story about how he wasn’t hitting on me, he has a wife and kids. He asked if I had time to sit and chat for a minute and kept saying how much he liked me, how

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