I had been going through a rough patch with my husband. I was pregnant with our 3rd child, due in December. I received a phone call that my husband (I hadn’t seen him in a month) was in the hospital. So I called him to see why he never called me so I could come advocate (disabled, needs a medical advocate and it’s me). SHE answered the phone and refused to allow me to talk to him. He got on the phone and said it was a friend; she threw a fit (he’s 32, she’s 22). He finally told me she was the girlfriend, and FINALLY told her I was not a baby mama but his wife. He had been hiding with this for months; he even missed the birth of his son because of her. || He was in the hospital almost a week, and when he got home she was there. She was texting me while he was sleeping (using his phone), asking me about when we were together last, and telling me how he never loved me etc. I warned her he would be very upset when he found out she was on his phone and she wouldn’t listen so when he got up he was pretty pissed. haha. || We (I thought) had been working on things, and then I found out she had been there in MY house all along. He finally decided he didn’t want her anymore and called me to cover his butt. The kind person I am. I went to the house (that was completely trashed and disgusting from this girl and her meth habits), left her gas money while she was sleeping and a note telling her she needed to be gone in a few hours. We went back, the house was disgusting full of all her junk. I had to file a police report when we discovered she stole the gaming system for drugs. I packed up her junk and she finally got it back once she replaced the things she took. She’s now on probation for selling drugs without a license and forging prescriptions. She’s currently seeing either some meth cook or a new idiot. She doesn’t work, lives with her grandparents, sleeps with anyone who will give her drugs. || It didn’t take long and she was gone. She kind of harassed me for a while, but I am pretty sure that she hates me because I was so kind to her. I told her to please get off the drugs and find her own man, a good man who would love her and treat her kindly. That she had someone who cared about what happened to her, even if it’s the one person that shouldn’t. I doubt she’ll turn her ways any time soon, I’m just SO thankful it was a short affair and that she didn’t get pregnant!!!