In February, 2009, we purchased a Monaco Gazebo from Sears, Inc. who purchased it from Victory Land Group. In January, 2010 we noticed the canopy on the gazebo was rotting from the sun and since it wasn’t even a year old, we were told by Sears to contact Victory Land.We contacted Victory Land on January 25, 2010 and I spoke with Regina. I had already sent pictures of the problem to her and to Sears. She told me that they would replace the canopy one time only, but I had to pay the shipping, which was $12.00 and I paid it.We received the canopy the first week of February, 2010. We didn’t take it out of the box until this past week-end due to bad weather we’ve had and when we took it out, we found that the top part of the canopy, which is the peak was not there, so there is a hole in the top. I called the company this morning and was told by Carla, that it’s a separate piece and that we have to pay another $30 plus $10 for shipping! Now, why didn’t Regina tell me that it was a separate piece when I talked to her in January. Why would we want a hole in the top of the gazebo?! Plus, the fact that we have to pay $30 for it when it was all part of the canopy to begin with. This company should not be in business, nor should Sears be doing business with them. The part is also on back order she said. I paid the $40 and did get a confirmation number, she said it would ship in either April or May, but I really don’t have much trust in them.

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