Complaint: Upon arrival at the airport we were approached by a gentleman (Oscar Lopez) who identified himself as a representative from your resort. We were offered in exchange for what was stated to be a 90 minutes presentation at your location a return of: 2500 PESOS for excursions, 50.00 American Cash for shopping, 50.00 Avis Car rental for 4 day stay u2013 that I PAID CASH FOR WHEN I PICKED UP THE CAR!! We agreed to the deal and below will provide more detail on what I now feel like was a scam, fraud and intent to mislead! Our u201csupposedu201d 90 min visit turned into a 5 hour day of horror! We were told to meet at a restaurant downtown Cozumel. After arrival we were told we need to take a ferry ride to Cancun (not originally told this, but told if we did not, we forfeited the agreement with the car and other items!)u2026.I was not too concerned about the other items, but certainly became concerned about the use of the car and what charges might add up to be. u2026STILL, in an effort to fulfill the agreement and try to avoid what could potentially become extraordinary charges, we still complied. After getting off the ferry, we were taken to a cab where were endured another 25 minutes (EACH WAY)u2026only to arrive and immediately be taken to a sales room. We were asked several questions and then brought to a brunch area. We had lunch with our sales rep and them were taken to visit 2 room types. Afterwards, again, taken back to the sales area. Our sales rep showed us several brochures and began to discuss pricing. We quickly made it clear that although we though the resort was nice, it was a treat for us to be on vacation and we were NOT interested in purchasing. After several attempts to sway us a manager was called over for what we were told was u201cverification that she had done her jobu201du2026.we assured the manager she had and that AGAINu2026..u201dWe were NOT interested!u201du2026.Even HE made several more attempts before he stated, no problem, he would u201cget us out of thereu201du2026u2026.we sat for another 10 minutes or so, when yet ANOTHER sales person came to us to try to reduce the amounts and offer us a used time share at a reduced priceu2026..AGAINu2026.we made it very clear we were NOT buying and just wanted to leave. It was about the 3rd sales rep that BOTH my husband and myself felt they began to get a little angryu2026u2026.still we were told to follow them to another area (still within the sales building)u2026..and sat down again. YET ANOTHER person came to us. This person identified himself as a u201cfriend of the owneru201d. We were sat down and AGAINu2026.another attempt to sell was madeu2026u2026I had to explain to this person as well,,this was a special trip for us and that we were not buying anything. Although he remained persistent, he finally gave in and stated he would get us what we were promised. However, after being left alone again for about 5-10 more minutes ANOTHER person came over. YET, another sales pitch was made. The manner in which the last 3 persons approached us was aggressive and intimidating! I am NOT one who is easily intimidated, let me make that perfectly clear. However, being in a foreign country and basically feeling as though we were at the mercy of the resort personnel to get back to where we need to catch the ferry, we felt almost threatened. Upon departure we asked that our receipt be stamped SEVERAL times to prove that we attended. We were initially told this was a requirement to get the car at the promotional price. NO ONE would stamp our papers and kept telling us u201cItu2019s in the system, AVIS will know you were hereu201d. After what was now approximately 4 hours later we were on our way back to the ferry via cab, feeling like we had lost an entire day of our vacation (as once we took the ferry ride back, it was 5 hours total later). Believing this part of the horror was over, we continued our vacation until we arrived to the airport on 6/17 to check out return back to the US. When we approached the counter at AVIS, we were told we owed and additional 127.00 American cashu2026u2026. I showed that I had already paid 50.00 cash and that I had a promotional paper indicating I had a zero balance. A man came to the counter who brought over the original person who made the offer at the airport upon our arrival who denied what was originally told to us. Instead, tried to tell us that the 2500 in PESOS was to be used for the car.. After a rather long standoff, I became concerned and felt threatened and agreed to pay the remaining balance so that I could move on and get back to the US. After returning tithe US I found that my credit card had been charged in excess of 249.00. I am dealing with AVIS direct on that but have made them fully aware of the SCAM. In short, I feel certain that if this was done to me and my husband, this type of intimidation and threat must be also done to others. I want it made perfectly clear that I intend to report its sales tactics and intent to mislead to mislead to the Mexican authorities, the American Consulate, ALL travel agents and post as regularly as possible on all internet sites to warn others of what we went through. I am thoroughly disgusted that my husband and I were treated and scammed this way and do not intend to go unspoken. I assure you that I will not stop postings for some time and if I can even help one person avoid this SCAM, I will continue to do so. The resort and its people are frauds and thieves in my eyes and I am certain that if this was done to us, it is done to many others on a daily basis. Note that you have ruined my views of what I believed to be a good vacation spot and it will be MANY years if ever that we decide to travel back to Mexico and BE MUCH MORE AWARE of scamming attempts such as this!

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