I went to a presentation at Vidante Nuevo Vallarta. Every time I said no to their outrageously expensive offers, they kept passing me off to different sales agents to sell a timeshare. Finally, I thought i was done when they told me to go with somebody to sign out and claim my gift for attending the presentation. They took me downstairs and said i needed to talk to this guy (can’t remember his name). He said he worked for the owner of the company and he was able to give me a reduced price on what was negotiated upstairs. He offered half of the lowest quote discussed with the previous sales agents. I told him I wanted to look at the polls because the tour only gave us a distant look. He arranged for someone to take me. Of course they were beautiful and I counter offered half of what he just quoted me. We agreed and I went to contracting. After leaving i looked over the papers and was infuriated that none of what we verbally agreed on was in the paperwork. I tried calling the Scottsdale Az office where i was transferred around to 3 different people and them they hung up. I called back and the same thing happened again. I called back again and begged the girl who answered the phone to stay on with me until someone answered. She did and I spoke with someone and they couldn’t help me so they had to transfer me. They finally said i needed to call Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta or go back to them and that there was nothing they could do for me. I wasn’t going to go back there so they could try to scam me again and waste another several hours of my vacation time. I called them and the gentleman was rude and was not helpful at all. He said no way could I get out of the contract after I signed it. Even after I referred to the state law of rescinsion that gave me 5 days, he said no. He finally admitted that i could possibly get the contract cancelled but no way could I have my money back. Rip off. This company and it’s staff are liars and have no regard for customers.

15501 N Dial Blvd Scottsdale, Arizona USA

1 800 292 9446

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