Complaint: We purchased a car from these clowns in April of 2003. Since then we have had 2 different contracts surface regarding our purchase. As it turns out, they sold a loaded car to the bank, and we actually got a car with a/c and power windows. Thats it. The bank wants to unwind the deal, which according to our contract, they have to do in the event the contract is forged or changed in any way, (which obviously we KNOW we only signed 1 contract) they refused. We offered to just let them put the extras in the car that they claimed it had, they again refused. But were very willing to offer us a Dodge Neon, which doesnt resemble the motor, or the size of the car.The bank says the deal WILL be unwound, yet Viking refuses. Now we wait in the legalities of this deal, wondering how many other cars are out there like this. Unfortunately for us, we are a their mercy..For the time being. Teresa Crystal lake, IllinoisU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: Rtes 176 And 14 Crystal Lake, Illinois U.S.A.